Sometimes I despair and then I feel weak

My burdens are heavy, my future looks bleak

Everything I try, does not seem to work

It feels frustrating and I feel so hurt.

And then I ask the question that burns within,

Am I responsible, is it due to my sin?

I feel frustrated, it should not be this way

And I cry out to him about this each day.

I am a child of God, I should not beg for bread,

My father is rich, yet my account is in red.

My desires are unfulfilled, but yet still I pray,

When is my change, when will be my day?

Then God opens up my mind and wisdom come in,

And I understand it is not about my sin.

Who I am is not determined by what I see

No matter what I do, God still loves me.

And then he said to me…….

You wait on the world, instead of creating what you need

My power is yours through the unchangeable seed

You hold your destiny, but know that you must fight

Darkness will flee when you switch on the light.

You are in Christ and my power belongs to you

What I did on earth, you have the power to do

The victory must be won while your need is unseen

The battle must take place in the spiritual realm

“The battle starts when the word enters your mind

Without prayer and meditation, you are fighting blind

I have called you to be fruitful, so put your trust in me

And let me turn you into what I called you to be.

Copyright. Dinah Orji. May 30, 2016.

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