You are so beautiful,

Fearfully and wonderfully made,

Destined for greatness.

You are for greater heights

You are the apple of God’s eye

You were created for a purpose

You are born to rise, take your place and shine

You are born with an excellent spirit (The Spirit of the Living God).

So you have the ability to excel.

You are destined to live in peace.

You are destined to live in love.

You are destined to live in joy.

Your strength comes from his joy,

Do not let anyone take that away from you.

Fainting in the days of adversity is not an option

You must not give up

Guard your heart

Guard your mind

Chose no other report, but the Lord’s

God’s love cannot be measured.

Just know he love you.

This year you work in Greater Dimension

This year you move from Glory to Glory

This year beautiful women, you step into purpose.




My Dear Daughter I Love You!

My dear daughter I need you to know that I love you.

You may say yes I know after all you sent your son Jesus to die for me, but I need you to visualise my love in your heart.

My dear daughter I love you.

I am with you even when you may not feel it.

My love is always with you

I know sometimes you may feel that the people around you do not love you or love you enough, but remember like you they are looking for love too, and Waiting for someone to show them love too.

Take a step my daughter and show my love

Take another step my daughter and give my love

I am love

I live inside of you,

So you have my love without measure inside of you.

Give some of my love that is in you to someone else.

Both to the one you think deserves my love and the one who you think does not deserve my love.

My love is for everyone

I am counting on you to give my love to someone.

You can do it my daughter.

So take a step or two.

I love you my child, my dear daughter,

Il love you, I really do.

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