I give God all glory and honour

I want to testify about His healing power in my life,

Last month, I realised that I was bleeding for days after my period should have ended. I wondered about it but was not afraid.

The the Holy Spirit ministered to me and told me to administer the anointing oil. I obeyed and administered the oil and the bleeding stopped on that day.

I should also say that this was not the first time I had used the anointing oil on pains and illnesses in my body. Each time I put the anointing all to work, the ailment disappeared.

I have come to realise that God really is in Glory House and we should not take this for granted.

I pray for Pastor Albert and the entire leadership of Glory House for fresh anointing and I pray that at the end of this journey on earth, we will all be counted worthy in the Kingdom of God. Amen


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