April 2016



Ending Satanic Obstacles

I command the obstacles, delays and resistance to my prophecies and promises to fail. I speak frustration and a termination to all Satan’s plans. I resist the devil and take a covenant stand for greater dimensions.

Lk. 10:19; Mat. 18:18; Mat. 11:12; Deut. 33:11




Establishing God’s Will 

I invoke God’s sovereign intervention, manifestations and vindication upon all that concerns me. The Hand of God rests upon me for supernatural prosperity, peace, progress and power.

1 Sam. 5:11; Exod. 8:19; Mk. 9:23




Enjoying Divine Direction

 I enjoy enduring divine direction, inspiration and compulsion. I will not suffer error, disastrous choices or diabolical movement. I receive daily God-directives for outstanding strides in all aspects of life and living

1 Chron. 21:1; PS. 23:2-3; Job 29:4




Exceeding Grace

I cry out for God’s abundant grace. I walk in His divine facilitation and invigoration to sow my time, talent and treasures to ‘reach’ people and ‘raise’ God’s kingdom daily

2 Cor. 8:3-7; 1 Cor. 15:10




Expressing Greater Dimensions

I decree and declare that every month there shall be a significant ‘lifting’ in manifestation and expression in my life. I shall have testimonies of greater dimensions and movement from glory to glory. 

Prov. 4:18; Gen. 26:12-14




Encountering The Extraordinary

I am created for signs and wonders. I work miracles through covenant mysteries. I walk in the supernatural and have dominion over disadvantage, debacles, decadence, demons, depression, disease and death.

Is. 8:18; Jn. 10:34; 20:21




Eliminating All Weights

My body is God’s Temple and my mind is the oracle of the Lord. Sin does not rule me and my life is a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to the Lord my Saviour and Lord.

Heb. 12:1-2; Rom. 12:1-2

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