Two weeks before Christmas, I was eating peanuts in bed and thought I had lost one down my blouse but it turned out to be a lump in left breast. I was terrified and begged God not to confirm my thoughts. The doctor was concerned and transferred me to the Breast Cancer Unit for a…


An Overflow

An Overflow My partner and I started coming to Glory House January this year through a friend’s invitation. We have always loved God and were already established in a church prior to this time, but something about Glory House kept us coming back till it became our church. My partner had an unexplainable liver problem.…


Apr. 9th Joy, Gladness And Glee

Apr. 9th                Joy, Gladness And Glee Bible Reading:     Ps. 63:5; 149:2; Is. 12:3 Gal. 5:22 ‘but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness’ The fruit of the Holy Spirit includes joy. Stop telling yourself ‘I can’t help myself, that’s the way I am’. This is simply not…