My Encounter with Death!! Pastor Albert Odulele

As I capitulated to the decree that ‘it was time to go’, it was as if the angel reached down and pulled me up. I felt myself slipping out of my physical frame like one who steps out of work overalls after a hard days work. It was a painless and almost natural transition. For a brief moment I looked down at myself on the plane’s seat and the other passengers around. Strangely, I was not emotional but was caught up with what was happening to me. I remember thinking ‘I am dying, I am dying’.

Life’s Dreams

Post by Dr Albert Odulele Earlier this year, but for the mercy of God, I could have been involved in a plane crash. As anyone would expect, the experience made me view life differently and re-evaluate my dreams.For many of us, our dreams may be for financial independence while for others it could be health…